Corvyx sees music as the closest thing humanity has to magic. Like a spell, the energy of a song completely transforms a person down to the way chemicals interact in their brain. And much like a spell, a song is guided by words and rhythm. There’s a flow to magic—a vibration, an energy—much like there is to music, and much like there is to the universe. 

Corvyx seeks to cast a spell of hopeful escapism in his music, creating a pathway for people to remove themselves from the hardship that surrounds them, while inspiring them, through song (or spell), to achieve more—to ascend and transcend. Corvyx searches for connection to kindred souls, ones who’ve felt misplaced and displaced by life. Much like them, he’s lived much of his life experiencing the darkness and hopes to be the light to guide people out of their own darkness.

Alternative enigma Corvyx concocts an elixir of cinematic dark pop, pairing his ethereal productions with haunting vocals that drip with raw emotion and power. He dons a self-proclaimed “space witch” aesthetic and, with his 4 1/2 octave range, has captivated an audience of 200k+ social followers he calls his Corvyx Coven. His name finds origin in the magical Corvus (”Raven” in Latin) for he too has become a messenger for the misunderstood. With 11 million+ YouTube views and growing, Corvyx has proven himself an undeniable visionary and a new musical force.